Update 24 "The Chasm and The Pendulum"

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Update 24 "The Chasm and The Pendulum"

Postby Johannes.K » Wed Feb 03, 2016 10:35 pm

Finally! With a delay of one week (sorry again) we have launched our latest update. We've been busy with creating an improved, more detailed and failsafe tutorial. However, we've not managed to finish it completely, there are some more steps we'd like to add to towards the next update. Other than that we've improved several aspects, including more special attacks and a general improvement of the combat tuning. Oh, and there are pendulums in the game now which are new special items that will help you to find specific locations, even 'hidden' ones more easily..

Check out the update video here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnwoZ0O ... e=youtu.be

As usual, thanks a lot for your support and have fun with our latest version!


Detailed Changelog:

  • Added a new tutorial
    • Completely reworked the old tutorial
    • The new tutorial now is more fail-safe and guided
    • The tutorial now includes a basic combat description
    • We'll extend the tutorial further in the next update
  • Harbor improvements
    • You can re-enter the harbor shop now
    • Fame/funds are shown at all times in harbor
    • Failed quests give negative fame
  • UI updates
    • The maximum/current party count is shown when recruiting units
    • The party side bar is hidden during events now, allowing to see more of the event image
    • You can inspect character boxes in events directly now
    • Trimmed character boxes size and don't show description text anymore
  • New events
    • New resting events
    • New mysterious dowsing item
    • New totem stick item
    • New sickness
    • New secret locations
  • World
    • Added new preview images to the world map
    • Tuned neigbhors of locations to make patterns more recognizable
    • Tuned biomes
  • Combat
    • Enemies now have different length for how long they seek the player
    • Added small delay between aggroing enemy and their first movement
    • Added new buff effects to various attacks
    • Retuned enemy dice with aim to nerf head butt attack a bit
  • Misc
    • Dice are not auto-rolled again when they were pinned before
    • Doing the initial missionary quest now also gives +2 standing
    • Automatically stop traveling when traveling into deadly terrain
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed Mac performance issues
    • Fixed stuck when dismissing units during travel
    • Fixed aborting resting before spending one day
    • Fixed empty diary with infected units
    • Fixed crash when restoring save game
    • Fixed collection items were not saved properly when stored in ship
    • Fixed fire works item not working correctly
    • Fixed some typos
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Re: Update 24 "The Chasm and The Pendulum"

Postby jamesjohnson5551 » Thu Jun 02, 2016 10:17 am

Thank you so much for sharing.
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