Heroic Pioneer Explorers of yesteryear

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Heroic Pioneer Explorers of yesteryear

Postby Geoffrey Smith » Sat Jun 06, 2015 11:21 pm

Having clocked up a few hours playing Curious Expeditions, and spent even more thinking about the adventures the game is drawn from, I am optimistic it will keep developing the celebration of those heroic and somewhat forgotten heroes of yesteryears. I have to admit I was enthralled reading the life histories that went with the avatars of Ada Lovelace and Mary Kingsley, one a pioneer of computer programming and the other a real African explorer.
I had wondered if the game should be totally populated by more well known victorian adventurers such as Dr Livingstone, Mr Stanley or Baron von Humboldt, however the discovery of avatars (unlocked after an expedition met with good fortune) that I need to research has been a source of added satisfaction to an already excellent game. Should you be casting about for further lesser known adventurers of the 19th century, as a New Zealander I would like to suggest the dashing Gustavus Ferdinand von Tempsky: (Prussian) watercolour artist, writer and soldier who pioneered a form of anti guerrilla warfare in the desperate struggle between colonists and the indigenous Polynesian (Maori) warriors of the 1860s
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Re: Heroic Pioneer Explorers of yesteryear

Postby Johannes.K » Thu Aug 13, 2015 7:32 am

Hello Geoffrey, reading about your experience with unknown personalities and looking them up on the internet is really heart-warming. While we do not have a real serious-game approach with TCE, it's always very nice to see that we're able to instill curiosity in some of our players to learn more about the persons or situations you encounter during the game. In terms of new explorers we're currently not really focused on adding new ones. Hopefully we'll get to do another round sometime soonish with a couple of more, but other than that I guess we'll focus more on adding normal units to the game and leave the addition of 1001 new explorers to our community once we release the modding support.
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