Journey to the Center of the Earth - New Area?

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Journey to the Center of the Earth - New Area?

Postby Cormorant » Thu Sep 14, 2017 12:46 am

I just read Journey to the Center of the Earth, by Verne.
In the book Professor Lidenbrock goes into Snæfellsjökull, into a huge underground complex, as you may know.
I would like to suggest this as a new area to explore, if you haven't already thought about it. Spoilers, for those who haven't read it :)

The area in the fiction is large enough to compete with the other areas, and could be on par with the other rare areas, such as the Elephant burial grounds, and the place with all the shrines, or a whole new area by itself. Possibly even a Underground area, that you only enter through Caverns on the surface

It would be composed of narrow tunnels, with larger chambers, filled with all sorts of creatures, Dinosaurs, blind fish, runestones left by old explorers. They even find a mummy.Darkness could be a new terrain type, that you would traverse quicker with Torches (or other light source). Ambient light in the cavern could be produced by algea or something like that.
In the book there was ambient light produced by the clouds that they encounter in the huge cavern, so darkness shouldn't be a constant factor.

One problem I already see is that all the other scenarios start with the expedition on a ship, and thus this could not service as the intro to this place, or would have to be modified in some way.

What do you guys think?
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