Where is Alexander von Humboldt

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Where is Alexander von Humboldt

Postby Frederic » Sun May 21, 2017 3:43 pm


first I really love your game.
But after quite a while playing CE I am wondering: Why isn't Alexander von Humboldt in the game? He is THE explorer. He represents more the 19th century explorer clichee than most of the playable characters in the game. Darwin would never have wanted to go explore nature on the beagle without the inspiration vom Humboldt (he even took books of Humboldt with him on his journeys, which he scribbled full of notes and comments).

Having characters like Ada Lovelace in the game but not Humboldt makes no sense to me...

I just wanted to say this. Because I always wondered when I played the game. And I played it a lot... :D
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