Autosaves in case of game or OS crash

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Autosaves in case of game or OS crash

Postby SuppaTenko » Thu Oct 13, 2016 11:23 pm

Hi! Ingame autosaves will be really awesome!
Look at this awesome trek! It was my 5th expedition. Both companions had Pure mind perk. And Trader had Claws. Both buffalos are fully improved and there is also Luis for one extra attack/support dice! Three different guns, necronomicon for extra tomoe pages and more than enough food to survive. Soldier's Combat Spirit and all three extra dice for Darwin. It was instant-win party.
And it was destroyed on 6th expedition. My videocard driver crashed and gave me BSOD. It was one of the best game sessions I ever had. I was't able to reload game after rebooting my PC. I'll tell you even more: it was the first time I had enough luck to finish Normal mode with Darwin since 1.00 release. All previous sessions were awful somehow. So I realy hoped to finish the game with very big score for the first time since release. Pity, isn't it?

So I suggest to add autosaves that can be loaded after BSOD/crash/rage-quit or something like that. Because no one knows what can happen while you play the game.

I also wanted to mention one thing. Animal dice. New brown dice are cool. Old red dice are not so cool. Do you have any plans to repaint it? Thouse Gorila/Hyena dice scratch my eyes. Not a top priority thing to do, but it will certainly improve game experience.
And what about new regions by the way? Are you going to add polar lands in future updates?
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Re: Autosaves in case of game or OS crash

Postby Davidmiller » Fri Mar 17, 2017 8:59 am

I got bored playing various games in a without autosave mood. By keeping the button autosave on, anyone user can play the game at any level of the game.This to create their desired assignment. The autosave helps the users to enjoy the best level of the video game.
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