Bug/Exploit: Luis stays in trek after dismissing Tim Timster

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Bug/Exploit: Luis stays in trek after dismissing Tim Timster

Postby beterwel » Wed Feb 08, 2017 9:30 pm

I think it's great that Luis no longer occupies a spot in the trek, allowing you to recruit Tim Timster more easily.

BUT: after dismissing Tim Timster, Luis ISN'T dismissed, which I think story-wise is a bit strange. And it gives you an extra unit, with a free spot in the trek.
Luis isn't the most useful character, but a free extra die in combat, plus added cannon-fodder seems like a bit of an exploit to me. Especially since Tim Timster is often introduced at the start of a game.
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Re: Bug/Exploit: Luis stays in trek after dismissing Tim Tim

Postby ShivaMiTimbas » Wed Mar 08, 2017 7:27 am

I just won certain death doing this xD http://i.imgur.com/FffSmBJ.jpg The changes to animals this update is awesome!

A few other things that in my opinion should be rebalanced I noticed playing as Alexandra David-Neel are:

-not having any penalties for using coca leaves and alcohol if you only have animals in your party

-Traveling at zero sanity the event five times in a row was the deserted adventurer asking to butcher one of my animals which I declined each time and he did only lost loyalty. and also without him the animals would only get infected however I could have been lucky or the frequencies are bugged :P
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