Alpha 5 "The Triumphant Return"

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Alpha 5 "The Triumphant Return"

Postby riadd » Wed Feb 11, 2015 2:45 pm

Another update, this time we have been focusing on adding more content through additional perks or random events. Also, and most notably, we have added a celebration screen for explorers returning from their successful expedition!

  • Celebration Screen
    • Depending on how much fame you gathered a differently sized crowd will await you.
    • This screen replaces the old choose-your-perk selection.
  • Lots of new events
    • Added new village night events.
    • Added new nature resting night events.
    • Added new harbor events.
    • Added non-hostile elephant zones, which can be attacked for ivory.
    • Added a new look-out tower location/event.
    • Reworked the slaver location/event
  • Villages
    • Villages will now become angry once your standing drops to zero. Angry villages will spawn groups of natives that are hostile towards you.
    • Villagers will now attack you if you deny to pay a tribute after you've been caught looting a shrine or statue.
    • Trading in native villages will increase your standing by 1 (once per village)
  • General Gameplay
    • Streamlined harbor events. You will now only be offered a quest or item, a recruitable unit and then set sail becomes available (or you can purchase equipment)
    • Added tutorial prompts for combat
    • If you don't have translators in your trek (or somebody with polyglot perk) all chat texts by native people will be shown scrambled.
    • Added screenshakes for sprawling disasters
  • Perks
    • Perk Multi-Talented was renamed to Polymath. Marie Curie now has polymath as a starting perk (being that she won Nobel prizes in physics AND chemistry).
    • Added new perks: Bullet Hoarder, Polyglot, Dream Visions, Lone survivor and scouting. In addition, all starting perks of the other explorers are now (potentially) available when you're offered your perks at the celebration screen
  • Items
    • Added tome pages, which replace and improve the old "fetish" objects. Tome pages can be used once and then are gone. There are already quite a lot of them, make sure to try them all (at your own risk)
  • Units
    • New Unit: Beduin - Can be recruited in a desert village
    • New Unit: Cultist - Be wary of their treachery, may turn into an abomination when injured. They also like to take over missions... Aleister Crowley starts with cultists by default.
    • New Unit: Abomination - Very powerful but extremely grotesque and dangerous unit. Bring enough raw meat or they will help themselves.
    • Injured units will no longer lose their capacity and still be able to carry objects just as normal
    • Native units can have a "homesick" status. If this status is active, the unit will not return home with you after you have found the golden pyramid. The homesick status will only be applied in the native units home world.
    • Changed some explorer unlock requirements. Ada is not unlocked by default anymore.
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed Save Games
    • Fixed full screen button in settings menu
    • Sometimes it was impossible to dismiss any characters from your party
    • Perk Multi-Talented/Polymath somestimes still only offered 3 choices
    • All characters should be unlockable now
    • Fixed many spelling errors. Thanks to all the suggestions in the forums :-)
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