Alpha 17 "Explorer's delight"

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Alpha 17 "Explorer's delight"

Postby Johannes.K » Tue Sep 08, 2015 7:37 pm

This is a big one! After plenty of bugfixes and working on the surrounding systems like save games and highscores for the recent alphas we're finally back to focussing on the core gameplay again. We've made some major improvements to core areas like traveling and combat. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Map Knowledge

    • Butterflies are now visible on the map. They are automatically collected when moving through these zones without needing to stop. The previous random encounters of butterflies has been removed.
    • Mosquitos have been added to the map. These fields carry an extra risk of getting certain sicknesses. Sicknesses are not directly visible but rather shown through their symptoms, so make sure to observe the statuses of your trek members carefully to understand what kind of sickness they might be suffering from.
    • Points of interest '?' are now always revealed when passing by within a range of up to two tiles. That should make the results of your movement much more predictable.
    • All fields on the map are now drawn in the same color, making it easier to recognize patterns on the map.
  • Perks

    • Several explorers how have unique start perks that can't be gained by any other means. The new perks so far..
    • David-Neel can promote her animal trek members, but not humans
    • Kingsley is especially stealthy, but can't use weapons
    • Garvey has one additional unit slot, but lowered max sanity
  • Rival Bar

    • During expeditions you can see the progress of your rivals on their current expedition. The sooner you reach your destination the higher the racing fame bonus that you gain.
    • This gives you a better idea about if you're doing well on your current expedition and fits better to the fiction of the game.
    • The old day deduction has been removed from the game.
  • Combat System

    • The toughness of your characters doesn't regenerate immediately after combats anymore. Instead it will only regenerate slowly. Certain statuses like sickness might block the regeneration. This adds some more depth to the game and should increase the impact of combat even against weaker enemies.
    • The worth of various hunting trophy items has been reduced. The animal teeth don't count as fame items anymore.
    • Enemy attacks are now shown sequentially instead of all at once.
    • Fleeing is now especially dangerous for characters with zero toughness.
  • Tome pages

    • Added three new tome page types (we don't want to spoil what they do exactly here)
    • The mountain tome page now allows you to point at where to create the mountains
  • Misc

    • Added Luis & Tim special characters. The special perk of Tim causes him to give you a general fame bonus multiplier at the end of the expedition.
    • The worth of paintings has been increased and the painter does not require the easel item anymore.
    • Character will now consume multiple region points to advance into higher levels.
    • You gain a standing bonus from generous trades with natives. You can see the standing change outcome in the barter interface.
    • The region bar on the top right is not dependent on the mouse position anymore, but will instead just always depend on the current party position.
    • Characters don't return immediately anymore. There is a varying minimum amount of days that has to have passed.
    • Spells that cause regions to become deserts now also cause waterfalls to go dry.
    • Added back the green plus signs hinting at possible level ups.
    • Its not possible to recruit multiple animal handlers anymore.
    • The way the inventory is shown as overburdening has changed a bit to be more intuitive. It also does not highlight weightless items as being problematic anymore.
    • More statuses (like paranoid) will now show their icon next to the character gallery again.
    • Desert storms in the desert now are more stationary and have a bigger impact on the party when being traversed.
    • Anonymous metrics are sent by the game to our server to support us in balancing the game. You can disable sending this data through the settings screen.
  • Bugfixes

    • Fixed notifications for unlocking characters and special sites did not appear
    • Fixed slow down in main screen
    • Fixed the unlock description text for Garvey
    • Fixed wrong sort order in hall of fame screen
    • Fixed enemies are now being spawned more reliable
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Re: Alpha 17 "Explorer's delight"

Postby Dr. Jones » Wed Sep 09, 2015 7:57 pm

The new changes look great!

But when this new version is going to be in the web of the game? I don't have Steam so I only play at the web. I'm dying to play it! ;D
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Re: Alpha 17 "Explorer's delight"

Postby ahnt » Thu Sep 10, 2015 11:35 am

You also changed that characters don't heal when in London. While that makes the game definitely harder, I think it makes no sense that people would go on a new expedition when still being potentially mortally wounded.
Cheers Arend
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Re: Alpha 17 "Explorer's delight"

Postby riadd » Thu Sep 10, 2015 7:20 pm

ahnt wrote:You also changed that characters don't heal when in London. While that makes the game definitely harder, I think it makes no sense that people would go on a new expedition when still being potentially mortally wounded.
Cheers Arend

Agreed, we changed it back to restore health after expeditions. :)
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