Alpha 16 "Hall of Fame"

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Alpha 16 "Hall of Fame"

Postby riadd » Tue Aug 18, 2015 9:29 pm

We're back from gamescom! Thanks so much to everybody that visited us. This week we're adding the beginning of the a new highscoring system. We're also having several gameplay prototypes running in our developer version, but we need more time for play testing to see if they are really an improvement to the game. Hopefully you'll see some of these in the following alphas. We'll also take another loop at optimziation for the next update.

  • Hall of Fame
    • Can be reached via a new button in the main menu
    • Shows your 8 overall best highscores
    • Shows your best highscore per explorer
  • Content
    • New enemy type: zombie pygmins
    • Added new variations for map background (more to come)
    • Added new icon for enemy attention status
    • Reduced the darkness of far away tiles to make them more readable and allowing better pattern recoginition
    • Improved character info boxes on ranking screen
    • Added particle for stone circle reveal
    • Only give golden frame when finishing on first place
    • Don't show cam shake if party is too far away from source of cam shake (this should make playing the prehistoric worlds less crazy)
  • Web version
    • The web version now also supports saving at any point
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed not always getting region score properly (There sometimes still is a delay. Will look into that for next version)
    • Fixed village beast master not using up animal teeth properly
    • Fixed tuning for deadly riposte (it was weaker than triggering riposte twice)
    • Fixed medal jittering on celebration screen
    • Fixed stuck celebration sound after final expedition
    • Fixed possible to click 'save' button even while grayed out
    • Fade out title music when continuing game
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