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Alpha 14 "Stable Grounds"

PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2015 9:09 pm
by riadd

After the amount of major feature additions in recent alphas, we felt it was time to take a moment to make sure that we have a stable foundation for our upcoming updates. We pushed around 7 updates already during the last two weeks updating the game as we worked through our bug list. We will still work through more bugfixes in the next couple of days. We hope you enjoy one of our most stable versions so far.

  • Villages
    • Added new events
    • Angry villages now constantly spawn angry villager zone
    • Angry villager enemies now can have a shaman on their side
  • Misc
    • Natives only visit your trek once per expedition now
    • Reduced water buffalo health from 12 to 8
    • World map now allows to select destination via double-click
    • Added a new magic die which is used by native shamans
    • It allows to trigger healing combos
  • Bugfixes
    • It was possible to overburden the hot air balloon
    • Destinations on world map are now properly restored from save game
    • Healing action for abominations was offered at shaman hut even though they can't be cleansed
    • Animals could get angry during night events
    • Fixed characters becoming angry and superstitious at same time
    • Region score is updated corretly when locations are destroyed
    • Items should not be usable while selecting destination for stone circle
    • Improved missing husband location placement
    • No medals should be shown during final celebration
    • Fixed freeze when resting in fire