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Alpha 10 "Full Steam Ahead!"

Postby riadd » Wed May 06, 2015 11:49 am

For this update we concentrated mostly on improving the dice-game. We heard your feedback: the dice game had some confusing parts which made it a bit hard to understand for new players. We tried to fix those and at the same time make the gameplay deeper. Besides this we also improved usability in various other areas of the game, preparing for the onslaught of our upcoming Steam early access release which will happen: May 19th 2015!

All buyers that have bought the game so far, will get a free steam key as promised.


  • Dice-Game
    • Added many more actions to perform
    • Reworked the type of dice and dice faces in the game, making them more manageable and intuitive
    • Instead of rolling the enemy and player dice at the same time, enemies roll their dice in a separate phase now
    • Possible dice combos are now hinted at by vibrating dice
    • The effects (e.g. damage) of the chosen dice are shown as preview below the action button now
    • Added new special attack attributes like attacking multiple enemies or inflicting self damage
    • Weapons add dice to combat, allowing to trigger special combos
    • Improved dice placing, so that they don't overlap with other dice or the center roll button
    • Portraits next to dice are only shown during the overview and when hovering over the dice now
    • The blink faces (looked like a star) which did have no effect in the game, have been replaced by more readable blank faces
    • For players that already have played some rounds, the tutorial prompts are not shown anymore on every first combat
    • Added various new visual effects to the dice game. The dice game is still work-in-progress, but we're getting closer to our goal
  • Units
    • Dice types and gained dice per level has been tuned
    • Units will now receive 2 toughness per promotion (instead of 1)
  • General
    • Waypoints can be added inside of existing travel route
    • Location reveals are now delayed until the diary is closed, so that you can actually see them appear on the map
    • The camera scrolls to revealed locations, instead of jumping there directly, making it easier to understand where the new location is in relation to the party.
    • Flipped barter clicking behavior - left click moves one, right click moves all items in that inventory slot.
    • Increased fame gain for finding the golden pyramids
    • Players already start the game with fame 10 to reflect their starting popularity
    • Moonstones can now also be found in desert tombs
    • Renamed perk "cartographer" to "navigator"
    • Regions are not fully revealed anymore once the have been unlocked; instead the a new perk "cartographer" is now necessary to retain the old behavior.
    • Added info box for items to the ranking screen
    • Removed death cross from player path when overextending sanity, since it was causing too much confusion. Instead the regular travel costs are shown, adding valuable information.
    • Also show amount of days used for travel route in info box
    • Tweaked journal text speed to appear more organic
    • The maximum days of resting allowed has been increased from 4 to 5 per try. It still yields the same sanity gain as before though.
  • Items
    • Usable items are highlighted in inventory. This also makes it easier to recognize which items can be used during combat (currently just the extra bullets)
    • New weapon items: Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle, Spears and the dreaded Tesla Gun have been added.
    • Resell value of items has been slightly increased
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed donkeys being able to paint drawings
    • Camera was not centered properly on player part (by the way.. you may also press 'c' to center the camera on the party when on the map)
    • The expedition counter sometimes showed the wrong number
    • Disabled item usage while traveling or resting
    • Wrong game over text when existing the game via the setting screen
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