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Alpha 9 "Artistic Merit"

PostPosted: Fri Apr 17, 2015 9:30 am
by riadd
We've been very busy with preparing for our upcoming Steam release and the Berlin International Games Week. Because of this, we have a couple of smaller improvements this time. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Units
    • New unit: The artist. Allows to create paintings of natives or locations for fame and funds
    • All units now will get additional dice when leveling up. Dice are not gained each level but semi-regularily, depending on unit type.
  • Fame & Funds
    • Items may now have different fame & funds values. You'll have much more interesting decisions in the ranking screen now.
    • We changed the way how items are delivered at a Mission. Instead of giving up all your exotic items automatically, the mission now has a small inventory in which you can put items. These will be sent home at the end of your expedition.
    • Increased fame value of anthropological studies. Combined with the artist, a non-disruptive playstyle is much more viable now if you choose to do so.
    • It's not possible to trade in items at the harbor anymore.
  • General
    • We added text hints that allow you to anticipate which curse will be triggered by raiding a shrine. We also increased the effect of shrine curses for volcanos and chasm. Also earthquakes will not block your path that easily anymore.
    • The available destinations on the world map are more random now. You might not have the opportunity to select jungle terrain for every expedition.
    • Fighting animals will now resolve in standing loss instead of standing gain as before.
    • We've added highlighting to some texts to easier grasp the essence of a text. We'll add more highlighting in the coming updates.
    • Rival explorers now use a simplified location marker on the world map for better overview.
    • Some items don't consume slots (e.g. treasure maps). We added a help text to the item info box to point this out.
    • Earhart is now unlocked when recruiting a native scout. Kingsley is unlocked after finishing first expedition.
    • Added some animation to the title screen. The screen is still work-in-progress overall.
  • Bugfixes
    • Player won't start in blocked off areas anymore.
    • Character info box that appears when hovering over character names in the diary doesn't disappear randomly anymore.
    • Fixed giant tortoise being respawned endlessly.
    • Fixed caves with tunnels not property connecting to other caves.
    • Fixed stats popup showing twice the amount of change that actually happened.
    • Fixed some cases of locations being spawned on the wrong terrain type.

Re: Alpha 9 "Artistic Merit"

PostPosted: Fri Apr 17, 2015 2:58 pm
by xinira89
Uhul! :D