Alpha 8 "Treasure Hunt"

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Alpha 8 "Treasure Hunt"

Postby riadd » Wed Apr 01, 2015 12:16 pm

Alpha 8 "Treasure Hunt"

This update comes with various, smaller changes and a plethora of new events. The largest feature is the 'Special Region'. These unique areas are only found in the special unlocked worlds.

  • Special Regions
    • All unlocked worlds have a 'special' region, with unique enemies and locations
    • Special regions: Elephant Graveyard, White Tigers, Water Temple
  • Treasure maps
    • Instead of directly showing you the target location, treasure maps now show you a small cutout of the target area. You'll have to figure out for yourself where it is in the world.
    • You need a shovel to dig up treasures.
  • Art
    • New background image for locations situated on grassland tiles
    • New background image for locations situated on dryland tiles
    • Various location images have been adjusted to fit with the new backgrounds
  • Music/Sound
    • We added a new theme for the explorers club
    • Added cheering sounds to the celebration
  • Content
    • The angry status has been fleshed out with more events
    • More nature rest events
    • More village rest events
    • New zero sanity event
    • New mission location event
    • New passive animal: Triceratops
    • New special unit: Jim 'James' Sterling
  • Settings
    • Added a quick text mode, which shows all text immediately
    • Added a scaling mode which scales the 1280x720 to your screen. Don't use if you prefer pixel perfect art.
  • General
    • The inventory of each character is now also shown in the character selection screen.
    • Buried treasure can only be recovered with the new shovel item
    • English improvements
    • Cheering sound for celebration screen
    • Improvements to the looting and inventory interface
    • Improvements to - and more chatlines for - the chat system
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed the infamous enemy-not-disappearing bug
    • Enemies did not always chase after you
    • Fixed rare crash when dropping items
    • Items now store correctly in saved games
    • Trek member genders are correctly restored from save game
    • The explorer can still die from infected wounds, but the text now changes accordingly
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