Alpha 7 "Fame or Funds"

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Alpha 7 "Fame or Funds"

Postby riadd » Thu Mar 12, 2015 10:23 am

Alpha 7 "Fame or Funds"

With this update we have added the last missing piece to our game loop: the ranking screen. Here you decide whether you donate exotic items to a museum to receive fame, or sell them at an auction house for funds. In order to beat the game, you need more fame than your rivals have at the end of the last expedition.

  • Funds and Rivals
    • Sell items that you bring from your expedition for either funds or fame
    • Instead of buying equipment with fame, you'll now use funds
    • Compete against other famous explorers
    • More items are now considered to be 'fame' items
    • There is a new (place-holder) introduction screen that explains the goal of the game
  • Barter Interface
    • The barter interface has been iterated and is now positioned on top of the journal (instead of hiding the nice event image)
    • Your current funds are shown in the barter interface while you're trading in the harbor
    • The exact item values being shown have been replaced by a more vague horizontal bar, that gives you a graphical overview of the deal state
    • The party inventory is now shown next to the shop items while trading.
    • While the changes should in general improve the interface, it is an unfinished and in-between step to our desired final result
  • Art
    • New WIP ranking and title screen
    • Explorer's club image
    • Alternate stone statue event image
    • New character selection screen
  • New content
    • "The Void" shrine aftermath event (can YOU escape it?)
    • Volcano eruption shrine aftermath event
    • New nature night events
    • The magnetic mountain has replaced the magnetic pit. Blow it up with TNT to get back your compass bearings
    • (Real-life) quotes from explorers are triggered by certain events
  • General gameplay
    • The cook can now cook all the time and not just at the camp or nature rest locations
    • Meat will now spoil after some time, just like mangos. It will then automatically removed from the inventory
    • Tuned enemy aggro chance and ranges
    • Tuned travel costs as well as item and perk effects for thick jungle, hills, swamps and desert fields
  • General
    • Added a whole batch of new people to the credits
    • Pressing space in character selection screen will select a random explorer
  • Bug fixes
    • General performance improvements. Travelling across the map should be much smoother now.
    • Healing (red) mushrooms and first aid kits did not work properly
    • Dynamite will now also destroy locations (caves etc)
    • Explorers can no longer decide to leave the expedition and live with the natives (potentially will return as a proper feature)
    • The camp item no longer disappears when one tries to use over an existing location
    • Sanity is now refilled between tutorials
    • Party is no longer shown as arrow after using teleport or machetes
    • Normal units can now be properly dismissed, even if an abomination is part of your trek
    • Units will no longer be covered by the journal in events
    • Fixed trading exploit which allowed to gain standing without actually trading
    • Clicking on an item will now use the item from that specific item stack instead of just the general inventory
    • Reduced minimum diary height, so that the combat should stay playable in ever lower screen resolutions than before
    • Numeros spelling errors
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