Alpha 6 "Tectonic Shift"

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Alpha 6 "Tectonic Shift"

Postby riadd » Wed Feb 25, 2015 1:56 pm

For this update we spent a lot of time changing the way the worlds are generated. This has increased replayability tremendously, since each world type now has numerous variations and difficulties. You're also able to select between much more landscape types when planning your next expedition.

Here's an overview in video form:

  • World generation
    • Increased playable worlds from 5 to 6
    • Water and mountain border regions are generated around the playable area, making the game map more organic.
    • The playable region can now have various, irregular shapes instead of just rectangular shapes as before.
    • Improved patterns of fields to make it easier to guess what kind of location a "?" is
    • The location spawning algorithm has been completely reworked to create more natural and also more interesting distribution of special locations. Also various cases of not matching fields have been fixed with this (for example lush jungles being spawned in dry forest lands).
    • More regions are available to chose from on the select expedition screen
  • Art
    • New expedition select screen and markers (not final quality, but closer to what we have in mind). The destination markers are not generated randomly anymore, but more consciously placed. The color of the flag indicates its terrain type.
    • Updated the harbor screen
    • Added a night time version of the desert village
    • Added bird particles
    • New village event image
  • Several new events
    • Volcanoes are no longer just eye candy, but set neighbouring tiles alight periodically
    • Geysirs can flood neighbouring tiles
    • Secret expeditions can be unlocked through special events
    • Added new village night events
    • Added new harbor event
    • Added a new look-out tower location/event
    • Added a shrine that requires a rope or climbing gear to enter
  • Interface
    • Set waypoints with left click, then click again on a waypoint to start traveling or press space. Remove way points by right clicking (command-click on Mac)
    • Move around planted waypoints by drag'n'dropping them around with your mouse
    • Press space or click to accelerate the celebration screen and finish expedition screen
  • Gameplay
    • Major tuning pass on travel items. Machetes, Ropes and Climbing Gear will make it much easier to traverse jungles, swamps and hills. However, one of the used items will be removed after usage, so make sure to bring plenty. The amount of travel items used for the leg is shown next to the path. Water has been added for crossing deserts.
    • The golden pyramid now gives a different amount of fame according to the level one is playing
    • One can now sell all units and not only natives at the slaver
    • Units can receive an angry status that causes them to behave differently
    • Removed the cave that required a rope to enter
    • The animal handler unit can now be recruited in villages
    • Added icons to show your active harbor quests
    • Specialists level up after each expedition
    • You can now see the toughness of your units in their info boxes
    • Increased capacity for most units, including animals
    • Stone statues always have loot
    • Defeated hostile natives now give loot
    • Removed Magnetic Pits. They will be replaced by a slightly different location in the future
    • The maximum amount of days that can be rested has been capped to four. After that you have to retrigger the resting action. (This causes more night events to occur in the game)
  • Dice Challenge
    • Item dice use a different color
    • Increased number of rerolls to 3
  • Added "reset stats" button to settings menu which allows to reset your unlocked characters.
  • Bugfixes
    • Combat triggered blank screen
    • Fixed numerous spelling mistakes
    • Fixed crash caused by using mouse wheel on Mac Firefox
    • Party members could stand on top of each during events
    • Unspent region points were deleted when loading the game
    • Missionary could be delivered to village without triggering event
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