All Secret Character Unlocks (Codes) yet.

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All Secret Character Unlocks (Codes) yet.

Postby Sabotsa5 » Tue Sep 06, 2016 3:43 pm

Hi everybody!

I stumbled upon this lovely indi-game while it was still in early access.
After some research I compiled a list of all (currently known) unlocks/code.
I will update this list (in YT description) once new codes are available/revealed.

Since I couldn't find any videos about this topic (and how to actually use the codes) I decided to do one* myself.

Feel free to check out my YT channel while you are already there :-)

Kind Regards

* Sorry Rami and Johannes for butchering your name-pronunciation :$

0048 Kai
0509 Loki Texilake
0607 Riad Djemili
0709 Zacharias Zour
0713 Robert
1192 Matthew Hadley
1234 Johannes Kristmann aka Game developer
1401 Sir Chorge
1523 Frieherr Von Gehlsdorf
1941 Lawrence Talbodd
1946 Alison Zawacki
1988 Rami Ismail aka Game developer
1989 Felix Kjellberg aka Pewdiepie YT personality
2543 E.S. Goffterding
2559 Duke Lietu
3008 Baron Victor Von Paragon
4321 Blitz Kriegsler aka YT personality
6731 David Brender
7112 Sir Deddlee Endeavour
7321 Reddick Campbell
8038 Austin Walker
8150 Dimir
8643 Olivia White
8879 Gloegg
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